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Disney Canvas Paint Set

Disney Canvas Paint Set


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1 Disney Paint Set: 5 Acrylic Paints, 2 Paint Brushes, 1 Disney Character Canvas
I Want One!

Smocks Aren't So Expensive

There will be other carpets. There will be other shirts. But there will only be one childhood.

Yes, we'll go ahead and say it. The first time your child opens a Disney Canvas Paint Set and puts that included brush on the included canvas, there's going to be a mess. That's just the way of an entropy-driven universe. That's just what children do. But it's not what you should focus on.

Because with the Disney Canvas Paint Set, you're giving your child their first steps to expressing themselves through art. Of course on the surface they're just coloring in their favorite Disney character, but guess what those art school kids are up to when they spend the day with a sketchbook in front of the Mona Lisa? And how is that any different? Just because your child is painting a princess or a car or fairy, so what? They're still learning the strokes, and the way colors mix, and the way it feels to create something beautiful for the wall or (dare we hope?) the refrigerator. And even more important, they're making a childhood memory.

So when you walk in the room, don't focus on those drips across your kitchen table or the hand prints on your walls. Those are just objects, and objects can be replaced. But the love in your child's eyes when they say "Mommy or Daddy, I made this for you"? That's not something you can find online. And that's the real gift this Disney Canvas Paint Set can offer.


Condition: New


  • Unleash your inner artist with a Disney Canvas Paint Set
  • Each Canvas measures 10" x 10" and features popular Disney Characters
  • Each set includes (5) Acrylic Paints coordinated to go with your specific canvas and (2) Paint Brushes
  • Paint Volume: 0.41 fl oz
  • Paint Brush Length
    - Fine/Detail: 7"
    - Standard: 7.25"

Additional Photos:

Special Care Instructions:

  • How to remove acrylic paints from clothing - CLICK HERE!
  • How to remove acrylic paints from carpet - CLICK HERE!

In the box:
Choose which Disney Character will help inspire your little Van Gogh. You might want to hide the scissors.

  • (1) Disney Canvas Paint Set
    - (1) Canvas
    - (5) Acrylic Paints
    - (2) Paint Brushes

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